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Lawn Weed Control Service

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Conquer Wild Texas Weeds with Anointed Lawn Care – The Weed Killers

Our Fort Worth Lawn Weed Control Service professionals know how to handle the wide range of weed varieties that attack Texas lawns.

Whether it’s hard-to-kill weeds or those nuisance weeds you don’t want taking over your garden, we’ve got the expertise to have your yard looking immaculate once again.

Our basic turf treatment program is designed for yards with St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grass. We also offer treatments for other types of grass found in Texas which require a more customized service plan to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Weed Prevention For Every Texas Season!

Anointed Lawn Care offers 8 weed spray/fertilizer applications applied in 6-to-8-week intervals throughout the year. Our treatments are spread evenly throughout the seasons and will ensure your lawn gets a steady supply of nutrients, as well as fends off weeds.

Early Spring

Pre and post-emergent weed control service.
Controls active weeds and deters any new ones from growing.

Late Spring

Fertilizer application, Pre-emergent, and weed killer service.
 This treatment will enhance lawn color, jump starts growth, and controls weeds.

Early Summer

Pre/Post emergent, yard fertilizer treatment and weed killing product to keep your yard looking pretty, lush and green.

Mid Summer

 Spot treatments for any determined weeds plus fertilizer makes for a healthy and beautiful yard

Late Summer

Another application of fertilization and spot treatments for weeds keeps it green and growing

Early Fall

Continued fertilization and emergent treatments stimulates root growth before the cold kicks in

Late Fall

 Final pre/post-emergent and fertilizer applications for fall weeds and prep the yard for dormancy

Grub Control

This treatment applies an effective insecticide to your lawn to treat and kill lawn grubs. We combine this treatment with treatments 3 or 4 depending on the weather and season.


The Weed Killers Fort Worth Texas Green Monster

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Texas Weed Control Services

How can I get rid of grassy weeds?

Controlling grassy weeds in Fort Worth Texas is tough to deal with but we have a great track record of knocking them out.
It’s important to apply a pre-emergent herbicide. Proper timing and application of pre-emergent weed control is critical to get on top of those pesky weeds.The key to managing grassy weeds is identifying them correctly so the appropriate control product can be used.

Do different weeds require different treatments?

Herbicides are chemicals that kill or alter the normal growth of Texas weeds. Weeds can be divided into two main groups: Broadleaf or Grassy Weeds. Selective herbicides are those that control the target weed(s) without damaging desirable turfgrass species. Nonselective herbicides kill all vegetation (including turfgrasses) and are used in lawn renovation or on weeds not controlled by selective herbicides.

Love Thy Neighbor, but not thy dandelions?

While true, unkempt lawns next to yours may attack, there are a couple of strategies to fend them off. Of course, pre/post-emergent treatment is recommended along with a good fertilization routine.

Another way to say, “Go Away!” is with a nice thick turf to choke out the bad guys (think dandelions). Thick turf is accomplished with a good fertilization routine and consistent mowing times. “Love thy neighbor” should apply to people, not weeds!

If it rains after a lawn treatment application, will it be effective?

The good news is that rainfall before or after an application typically enhances the effectiveness of a Weed Killers treatment. Water is vital for proper plant health and aids in carrying nutrients into the soil so they can be absorbed by a plant’s root system. Water also activates pre-emergent weed control and sub-surface insect control. Our Lawn Weed Control Service applications won’t wash away once they are absorbed by the plant or watered into the soil.

How long will it take for my weeds to go away after a treatment?

For most Texas weeds, you’ll begin to see a decline within 10-14 days. Typical signs of effective weed control include discoloration, twisting and withering. However, for species of weeds that are more difficult to control, multiple visits

What is pre-emergent weed control?

The meaning of pre-emergent is used or occurring before the emergence of seedlings above the ground. This means we treat weeds before the seeds start to emerge or grow above the ground.

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